Daily Quiz 3


Andrei Karlov, Russian Ambassador to which country was shot dead by a gunman at an art gallery?
(a)    Afghanistan  
(b)    Turkey 
(c)    Syria 
(d)    Pakistan 
Ans: b

 Karun Nair recently scored 303 in the Test match against England. Which Indian batsman crossed 300 mark before Karun Nair. 
(a)    Sachin Tendulkar
(b)    Kapil Dev
(c)    Rahul Dravid 
(d)    Virender Sehwag
Ans: d

Miss World 2016 is conferred to Miss Puerto Rico. Who is Miss Puerto Rico?
(a)    Maria Lalaguna
(b)    Olivia Asplund
(c)    Sophie Moulds 
(d)    Stephanie del Valle
Ans:- d

Employees Provident Fund’s interest rate is slashed to 
(a)    8.50
(b)    8.55
(c)    8.65
(d)    8.75
Ans:- c

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recommended to give free data to rural mobile users. How much is it?
(a)    50 MB
(b)    100 MB
(c)    150 MB
(d)    200 MB
Ans: b

On whom did India won jr.Hockey match.
 (a) Beljiyum
 (b) Australia
 (c) Germany
 (d) Canada
Ans: a.

What is the percentage of Indian Students in America.
  (a) 17.9%
  (b) 15.9%
  (c) 16.7%
  (d) 14.9%
Ans: b.