Free Package


  • No.of Exams 3
  • No.of Question in Exam 150
  • Each Exam Duration 150 Mins Mins
  • Each Exam Marks 150 Marks
  • Each Exam Qualifying Marks 0
  • Validity 60 Days
Fare: Rs.0

About The Exam Package

(1) Examination will be in both languages - English and Telugu 

(2) Please note that English version of the question will be finalized for the correct answer if there is any disputes. We are following the same policy of APPSC.

(3) Attempt all the questions. There is no negative marks.

(4) There are 150 bits. Current Affairs 50 bits, Indian Constitution 50 bits, and Indian Economy 50 bits. 

(5) Red color indicates not answered. Green indicates answered questions. Violet indicates mark and not answered. 

(6) Review the questions and submit.

Exams included in this Packages are:

S.No Exam Name Start Date End Date
1 Free Screening Test 1 10-12-2016 31-12-2016